2 bananas |

Playing with 2 bananas: one in vagina, one in ass?
Little Caprice

Little Caprice

Little Caprice

Little Caprice

Little Caprice

  galaxyboy |

your old pic very nice
butt now booob u very bad

  gearscrew |

your old picture very nice and sweet
Now .. getting old …
still pretty and nice

  Tiger |

Ooooooooooooooo Cappprrriiiccceeee
You lusty ssseeeexxxxyyyyy scccrrroooocccchhhheerrrr
(Affectionate hooowwwwwlllllsssss as I gaze at your pics my Divine Beauty with no evil intent)

Your divviiinnneee body Caprice -wwwwwwoooooooooooooffffffffffffffff always in Erotic Fire … Sooooooo hot you would melt Winter’s icy grip-winks…
And the way how you have included the bananas - superb babe ..

I understand you are from Eastern Europe Caprice? -smiles to you. Hope you are doing okay babe. Keep nice and warm babe and you will riiiiidddeeee out the Winter Storm babe.

Bravo on your others sets and clips posted from the start of 2012 Caprice…. Veeerrrryyyyy hot stuff.

  Stefan Hinse |

where is the video?

  David Anthony |

Love this last photo!! its perfect! lol :) Love you Caprice! Your soooooo beautiful! Stay Safe! :D

  Cool Shaft |

Can I have one Banana Split a La Pussy Caprice to go babbbbbyyyyyy?????- wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooofffffffffffffffffffffffffffff- hhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

Ooooooooo Capprrriiiiiicccee-winks….You vvvvveeerryyyyy nnnaaauuugghhtyyyy girl ……Perfect Teasing babbbbbbyyyy…
How you bring the two bannannnaaaasssss to the very curveous lippppsssss of your scroching ppppppuuuuuusssssssssssyyyyyyyy- licking my lips with anticipation bbbbbbaaaabbbyyyyy-winks…

You are ssssssssssssooooooooooooo hhhhhhhhhhhhhoootttttttttttt Capprice - winks

  Cool Shaft |

Forgot to say …
Oooooooooo yyyyeeeaaaahhhhh bbbbaabbbyyyyy-winks…

A large bananna in your suculent pussy and another large bananna up your hoootttttt little bum honey bunny -ooooooooooooooooo yyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh Caprice..

Now that would be the perfect dp- smiles….
Any video of this bananna set baby????? Love to see if there is a video - hhhhaaaaaa……

  samuel |


  samuel |

i love her xxxxxxxx

  samuel |

hey other commenters

  blago |

super sexy :P :*

  playboy |

i want to have sex with you

  playboy |

i want to know your biography like place of birth,hobbies,etc……..

i want u to be a part of my life
i want you to marry me
i want to have seeeeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with you all the time(24 hours,365 days.)

  luiggi cool |

todos tus videos perfectos caprice, eres una beba sensacional sobre todo tus labios



  skumar |

i love you

  Paulo Roberto |

I Love You.

Little and sex Girl.

My favorite Teen…

  Tardis_Fucker |

OMG Caprice
Ur body is so hot!

Let me fuck it!!!
My huge cock is just waiting for u 2 ride it!

Talk so soon babe!

<3 u baby!

  IWantU |

u are so fucking hot, i wish to be inside you and fuck u so hard. God caprice i want you a lot, you make me crazy…

  danny |

nice pussy Bitch

  danny |

your fuckn sexy

  danny |

im go to fuck u one day

  jon |

caprice i want to fuck u so hard and if i had a credit card i the firts thing i would do will be buy a membership of ur site someone would share his acaunt with me send it by email my email is zbooks@hotmail.com

  jack |

i really like your photo they are so beatufull.
pleas make another solo video

  mike |

im from england and i fink u r so sexy. u r my dream girl. i wud honestly pay good money to spend a night with u.

  mike |

love u caprice, want u babe. im in heaven when i watch u. xxx

  nicolas Chris |

Hello Caprice, I insist, but I really want to take you with me for a naughty weekend in Amsterdam.
Services paid indeed on.
Contact I. Kiss

  Adriano |

Damn your body is hot , too bad I am unnoticeable sometimes like I don’t exist but you are the hottest teen I’ve seen !

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