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My Daring Caprice
(Affectionate winks in appreciation to the screen)

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Hello my name is Facundo’m from Argentina, Tucuman’re beautiful. Why not put a live chat with you or something? I’m not the only one who wants Combers with you. I have thousands of questions to ask … well that’s all … bye take care and monitoring as well = D

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Shut up noel ur a fag you comment on everything

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how can a simple boy become a porn star (in your movies)?


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Goooddddd girl Caprice ….you are a radiant supernova
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You have such enthuasism for the work you do and as far as I can see, you do it of your own free will.
You seem to be in full control of your destiny Caprice.
The way it should be.
Bravo temptress….Life is too short.

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You did others anal videos before. Do you remember? Pierre woodman…..

But there are no problem. Its nice to see you being ass-fucked. Can i do too? :)

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I never see a girl like you so pretty !1
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i hope you make a video where you do face sitting.

i love that so much!!

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very nice caprice…
i like it.. more dougie and horse riding..
your gorgeoues..

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Caprice Eres hermosa. Te deseo desde que publicaste tus primeros videos. Por favor mas material para el 2012. Te Amo Caprice

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Your so hot

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vc e minha vida nos dias que nao vejo seus vidios para mim nao e dia te amu….

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so..I want to meet you,pls contact me

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I love you boys!
Who wants to fuck me? I will give you my cell-phone number..

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caprice nice vid, i love u
give me u cell-phone too ?

Ty <3

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I liked this video rich anal sex with you especially the oral mor
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ATT: jhan

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I want you baby! ;)

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I wanna fuck you So bad Caprice :) can I get your number too?

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j aimerai avoir cette video entiere de toi car j adore quand tu te fais sodomiser
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Caprice i know you probably dont have time to read these messages but if you happen to read this one i just want to tell you that you are very very beautiful and if possible i would like to text number is (256)677-3185 you are my dream girl and it would mean soo much to me if you called or texted me. Thanks

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Marry me. I love you.

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you’re soo hot!!

but for this video i honestly have to ask whats the title of the music in this trailer? this is great!
hope someone can give me the title and interpret.

  A friend |

That’s just sad. Your way to good for porn. I can’t believe you let these disgusting pigs talk to you like that. Stop this shit. It’s wrong and gross. Go get a real job and have some dignity for yourself and your body. Save it for someone special not just any guy that comes offering you a good time or some money. One day your gonna lose that nice body, your gonna have a saggy pussy, wrinkles and no one to really be there for you when you need it. This makes me wanna cry, i feel sorry for you. All these people just want your body and your sex, find someone who actually respects you, it’s a way better feeling. Trust me…
Sincerely, someone who cares and knows what it’s like :’(

  Alexmaradona |

Can I get your cell phone number???

  Franky |

hey Caprice!
I really love your video in X art “Fucking perfection ” with your (boy)friend the handsome blondish guy, he is also in the video here right ? That video of you both is awesome

You and him make a perfect great couple!!

I wana make a great sexy video of you two about “great sexy love ”

Can you contact the guy or have him send me more infos and pictures by email ?


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Attractive face, magnificent body and what to say about your small bottom…
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See you soon little Caprice

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