playing with banana on video |

I know guys you like my perky boobies, in this video you will see them up close ;-)
  Victor Crowley |

Hi Beauty!!!

It’s good to see you again… I hope you are well!!!

And thxxx for the new video, t
it’s always a pleasure… Kiss from France…

  Cris Rawin |



  Thomas Pape |

you’re such a big hottie!
i masturbate to your vids and your boobs are the best ever ;-)
forgive me for my not so good english, i’m from german and can’t speak it very good…
kisses :-)



  BV |

…then what happened to the banana?

  jhan |

mor me encantan tus tetas son sin duda las mejores que hay
para mi tu eres la mejor te amo ya quisiera hacer un videos con voz
besos des de colombia-medellin

  jhan |

mor I love your tits are certainly the best out there
to me you’re the best I love you and want to make a video with voice
des-kissing of Medellin Colombia

  Moni |

I wanna fuck you as hard as i can ;)

  Moni |

Hey Caprice <3
Do you like hardcore?
And have you ever tried to put in a cucumber or other vegetable(in your delicious pussy)?
Can you show us how are you doing? :)))

  Juan |

Have you ever tried doing 69

  Emanuel |

Why I think you’re getting always worse ?
Your first pics have been really good and you were just awesome . Now …. I can’t say you’re the best .

  Emanuel |

And why you don’t make sex videos anymore

  ShaftMan |

I llllooooovvvvvveeeee your new updates Caprice
(mmmeeeeggggggaaaaaa hooorrrnnyyyyy I want to reach into the screen and kiss you baby-wwwwwwooooffffffff)

Veeeeeeerrrryyyyy sexy video clip kitten and you teeaasssseeeddddddd me relentlessly Caprice…
All I could think about was coming up behind you , rubbbbingggggg your naked body with my hands before laying you down upon the table and having hardcore sex with you honey
Sorry for having all these naughty thoughts it is because you are such a rrrrrrraaaavvviiiishhhing scroching sex kitten even though you have a boyfriend….
Oooooooooo Cappprrriiiiccceeeee honey , I would rrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you for hhoouurrssss without end baby
Apologies with affectionate winks Caprice…

Great work

  iLE |


  Jacob |

Hi how are could you send me a phote of you.

  Redbird15 |

Emanuel and iLE, you two need to chill. I wasted a months worth on this site too. But all you can do is take your lumps and move on, especially you iLE. It’s not cool to threaten someone like that just because you’re not getting the value you expect. Yes, this pay site is a ripoff, but there’s plenty of other porn princesses out there to indulge in.

  the hell of life and death |

wow i just saw ur site and just found out our a thief im shocked ur really clever really i really like u

  Lukas |

Totalna blbost toto video.
Niesi nahodou z Ostravy?

  Jeremy |

I love you.

  133ca |

o.o whoa nice tits

  yours |

Hola bb me encantan todos tus videos, quisiera conocer a una bella y perfecta chica como tu. Te quiero. Saludos desde Lima.

  fucker |

you are so sexy, i want to fuck you so hard

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I love you Caprice, you are the best. I really want to see you having sex in a public place, but i want more have sex with you, if you visit Mexico, please let me know it, You are the best kisses

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The most gorgeous girl ever, Ive got heaps of tattoos, big muscles, Im really good at eating pussy, one of my fav things to do plus fucking doggy I go for girls that look like you but none of em compare to you, email me il show you sum photos of me xo

  Knet |

If you ever get a chance to do a scene with Tori Black, do it. That would be the best thing that ever happened in porn.

  Thomas Pape |

hey babe
know what? you should do a BDSM vid ;) it would be so great! wonderful!
pleeeease :D

  walter Berens |

hallo caprice,

du bist das geilste was ich jeh gesehen habe.

kann man dich für einen privaten porno buchen ?

ganz lieben gruss


  The Dane |

You are so sexy no matter what you do or rub on your sexy body. If you ever comes to Denmark, write to me :)

  The Dane |

Caprice, would you please do a interview video, I would like to get to know you a little better

Ps. write to me on my mail: andreas.kildelund@gm​

Masturbating greetings, your “biggest”(Penis) fan in Denmark


  carlos |

quisiera saber que tengo que hacer para tener sexo contigo

  werner |

do you squirt?

  Xxxxxxx |

I mean if you like having sex , this is fine but I know some guys don’t like it very much , I like your photo which doesn’t have any sex scene in it , I like the way you staying pure ! And Im not here to watch you having sex with another guy , you don’t need to care about this ,that’s what I’m thinking of you

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your fuckin gorgeous, ur top 5 for sure on my list!!!

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As always it was a plesure to cum with you.

Thanks sweety ;)

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You’re way too good for this, you deserve so much better…
I found you on a model site, en when I searched your name I came on this horrible site.
Please stop porn, it doesn’t deserve you.

  Loverboy |

never have I wanted to be a fruit this badly ;)

  kenneth |

where do you get your props and what happens to them after you use them i wonder why didnt you show up you said you would

  kenneth |

hey next you should draw two names of those you know have commented you and get them both in bed with you and sabrina
oh and how are you not pregnent are you on a pill

  kenneth |

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  kenneth |

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You should get your nipples pierced so sexy

  Fuck Master |

hi you’re hot

  Fuck Master |

wen r u gonna make a new vid it’s been like a month and a half!!!

  David Anthony (Southern California) |

Miss you!!!! :( I hope all is well with you! :D love you!

  temavariopinto |

I’m a member and with an Ipad i can not see nothing!!!
Please solve this problem.

  johnny |

Are her/your tits real???

  josue |

hi babe you are so fucking hot and gorgeous hope you continue making videos for us, is always a plasure watching you. kisses from Mexico.

  Dan |

Nice video darling- Wish I was that banana!
Footjob scenes are hot! Wouldn’t mind getting one of them off you too.
Threesome scene was awesome. Would be cool to see you try bukkake!

  Elisa |

what is the boyfriend’s name? thanks ¡¡¡¡¡
he is this

  I like pie |

U know,I’d like to see one of your videos end up with a creampie… ;)

  Jeremy |

marry me!

  suleman |

sexy babi

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i love you for serius…i am
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  Friend |

Hi my dear.
When I read you were sick I got shocked. I could not realize how such a marvellous creature could suffer like that. I REALLY HOPE YOU ARE REALLY WELL. Thank you for your beautiful solo images.
By the way, what about stopping your porn career? You are too beautiful (both out and, I suppose, inside) for that shitty stuff.
Take care of my advice. I am not a priest but be sure that Jesus has something different and special for you.
Best regards,
a friend.

  John-Andre |

Caprice… my favorite in every way :D You’re amazing :) Just wanted you to know :)

  AleX |

prosiiiim zavoleeeeeeeeeej

  PAM |

I heard reports that Little Caprice is in danger of life? True or just rummors?

  eh88 |

It’s too bad you don’t live in America! I feel like you might actually kind of like me if we met. :(

  doggy swager |

Please E-mail me, I wana fu
ck you. And Emanuel and iLE you are both wrong she is amazing, the best girl in the world and definitely worth the money.

  Brian Magyar |

Hi Groovy Girl I just wanted to let you know I would give anything to spend the night with you.

  Francisco Campara |

Hi Caprice (Is that your real name?!),

I like when you kiss the screen, I have the impression that is for me(only). What do you think about to get together, personnal (like friends), you have my email, contact me, you can call me Kiko… I’m thinking seriously to make a video with you, or more rsrsrs
I live here in Tennessee, near Memphis, and you?! I will be waiting for you… Are you czech don’t, I met some girls from there in Madrid years ago… I’m brazilian born, just to let you know…
See you later, kisses…


Ps. Mash the bananas, put some oat meal, sugar and milk… Is really good… Baby food…
You have “plenty” of bananas don’t?!

  Hey, Send me back |

I’m so pitty to meet you here. Love you.
I think i’m the man you need.

  Hey, Send me back |

And please withdraw all those flowers on your book, i don’t like flowers. and pink is a shitty colour too. This all ’s just because i don’t like to post comments here normally.

  Hey, Send me back |

And PS : that part on 0.42 was really funny with this one with the banana and that one at 1.12 but i know you don’t like them.

Do u speak french ?

WTF Am i doing here?

  Danny |

“How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation”(through Jesus Christ). (Hebrews 2:3)

Como escaparemos nós, se negligenciarmos tão grande salvação (em Cristo nosso Senhor)? (Hebreus2:3)

  Coccobill |

I’d like to see you dressed as Lara Croft in your next video.. :)
You’re fantastic.

  David Anthony (Southern California) |

Where are you sweetie???? :( Miss you!!!!!! :)

  Telefant |

Cheers love!!
I recall that you fancy brit music.More of a “chelsea dagger”,or a soft “english rose”,watch 9 songs(2004)
Less cocks,more solo.Big fan love…one big fucking fan


  Talinbp |

thx from Germany

  Raziel |

Damn Caprice ur so hot. I mean everything you do is a turn on. You should fet more pov vids done. Ur body is perfect from head to toe. That beautiful angel face tops off that sexy body.

  gotohellwhores |

You are such a whore bag disrespecting yourself like that. I wonder what your mother thinks of you ew so gross hoes now a days

  Joey |

I saw your picture on Facebook (The one where you are wearing glasses) I just want you to know that you are a stunning looking woman.(and I’m not talking about tits and ass)

  UD |

Keep going on your Dream!
I mean I LIKE YOUR FILME, So cool!

  safia |

hey babe need new vid, u sucking and fucking babe, bitch dive me chance to lick and fuck u

  Jack |

i noticed that in many of your porns this blond thin six-pack guys gets to fuck you…why so often? is he your boyfriend or something?
why don’t you try fucking me ;)

  Oliver |

Hi ..:) you are the best girl that I saw and Im from Slovakia, but I would like to be with you ever meet in person and see you, in fact, not only on video :) i love you

  Jeremy |

Honey, I wish you will be happy everyday. If you are not satisfied with your current situation, write to me.You are very beautiful.

  Oliver |

Ja som nevedel že ty si z česka .:) bože taka krasna baba a z česka to je krása.

  Miti |

Honey:*. Could you show us how you pole dance!! You sexy devil:)

  Diego |

turn me on your video, you are very sexy is my height, I want to fuck with you

  Peter Sandson |

You should use high heels more often!

Pretty sexy on them.

  CoJaRobieTu |

You are gorgeous girl :)
I hope i will meet you some day :D

  TheVictaker |

When are you going to fuck with a black? // Když jdete do prdele s černou?

  TheVictaker |

I wish I could fuck your pussy and your anus. Are going to make a double penetration scene? Please use a fuck machine. // Kéž bych mohl šukat svou kočičku a svou řiť. Se chystáte dělat dvojité penetrace scénu? Použijte prosím kurva stroj.

Visit Mexico // Navštivte Mexiko

  James |

Hey caprice you sexy little girl I wish I could ram you in your perfect pussy

  flaneur |

I would love to see you in with 2 guys and make you enjoy with a DP session …..

  Marco Gameiro |

Hi baby
I’ll stay the 1st week of August in Prague, and I’d like to enjoy your company.
Please email me.


  i want to meet you!!! i want to lick you:) please write me!!! |

hi little caprice

i’m max and 18 years old and from germany.
i’m a big fan of you!
my biggest dream is that we can meet us.
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please mail me back!
other girls can mailing too!!!
your max

  ma |

you the best caprice
i want to lick you

  Kevin |

I know this sounds crazy but i love you.

  Brian |

Hey caprice why did u not upload so much more?…….
I love to wanke to you great pussy!<3

  Brian |

hej jeg hedder ole og jeg er 13 år og jeg kan lide at rive den af til dig møs min tante olga med det store over bid elsker at sperme på min skærm når du er på den

  storefedediller |

Hey caprice my dick is 50 cm long are you fresh to look at then? i cant cum 0,5L!

  storefedediller |


  max |

kiss from ukraine

  John W. |

I just figured it out. You look like a very young Jacqueline Bisset who I adored. I thought you looked beautifully familiar. Check her out:

  roman |

la plus belle fille que j’ai jamais vu caprice tu es trop belle et tu es trop bonne

  sweet |

Hello little caprice.
I love you I’ve seen a lot of your videos and I will really happy if you contact me by e-mail ( ). If you send me an e-mail i think i will be the happiest boy ever.
I hop that you’ll quickly contact me.
XOXOXO. I love you so much !!!

  Andi |


  Andi |

I will sea


hello my love
how go your life baby ?
kisses my love
jorge baez argentina

  james |

i will be the banana

  Jeremy |

You are the best of the top 10 models, always and forever.

  Jeremy |

Congratulation! Hope you will always be very happy and have a prosperous life after your marriage.

I love you and will be your fan forever.

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